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Everything business travellers and employees need to know about using WegoPro

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We understand the struggles business travellers have to deal with. That's why at WegoPro—we offer a range of features that aim to simplify your entire business travel experience. Our platform offers a suite of services that cover every aspect of business travel, such as flight and hotel bookings, budget requests, expense claims, and insights.

Don't miss our What is WegoPro article if you'd like a refresher before you get started.

Step 1–Join your company

There are two ways to join an existing company on WegoPro:

  • Accept the email invitation that you've been sent

  • Join a company using your work email address

Follow our instructions for joining an existing company for step by step guide.

Step 2–Set up your profile

Updating your profile will allow us to remember all your details and preferences. We use this information to make better recommendations and auto-populate these when you're making a hotel or flight booking. You can follow the following guides for detailed instructions.

What's next

Now that your profile set up is complete, you can start using WegoPro to book flights or hotels for your next business trip, request a trip budget, or do your expense claims (these could be non-travel related as well).

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