Retract a trip approval request

Learn how to retract a pending trip approval request

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If your company has set up a trip approval workflow, you may require approval from your group (department) approver before booking a trip. In an event where you don’t want to proceed with the trip request, you have an option to retract your request before it is approved.

Follow these simple steps to retract your pending trip approval request:

  1. Log in to your WegoPro account.

  2. You will be, by default, taken to the ‘Discover’ tab. Switch to the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the top.

  3. On the ‘My Bookings’ page, go to the ‘Upcoming’ tab. All your future bookings, including those yet to be approved, are displayed here.

  4. Select the booking which you want to retract.

  5. Click on the ‘Retract’ button. You will see this option at the bottom left corner, just below the ‘Approval History’ section.

🙌 That's it! Your pending trip approval request will be retracted and removed from your upcoming bookings.

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