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Learn how you can extend your stay at a hotel during your business trip.

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If you ever need to extend your stay at a hotel beyond what was originally confirmed in your reservation, you will have to create a new reservation on our platform. The process will remain the same for an on-going reservation or a future one. Here are some pointers of what you need to keep in mind

  • Check the original reservation for details on the room category that was booked.

  • Follow the same steps you used to create your reservation.

  • The check-out date on your original reservation will be the check-in date on the new reservation.

  • Select the check-out date as per the number of days you want to extend the reservation

  • Ensure you select the room category as per the original reservation if you would like to continue to stay in the same room/room type

  • You can opt to upgrade or change the room category for the extended stay and select accordingly in the new reservation.

📝 Note:

  • Any extension is always subject to room availability.

  • Prices may vary from the time you made your original reservation.

  • If you or the traveller wishes to continue the same room allocated as per the original booking, please reach out to our support team via email or chat with the new booking id. Our support will reach out to the hotel on your behalf and have them allocate the same room for the new reservation, subject to availability.

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