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Passenger name for flight bookings
Passenger name for flight bookings

Tips on entering your name when making flight reservations

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For travel bookings, the name entered during reservation should exactly match the name on the passport. Failure to enter the exact name as per the passport will prevent the passenger from boarding the flight.

Here are some tips for entering the name correctly

  • Please enter your name as it appears on your passport

  • Please enter the name in the correct order as on your passport

  • Only alphabetical characters A-Z and a-z are allowed for name fields

  • Do not use accents or special characters

Order of the name matters

Please enter your name in the same order as it appears on your passport. For example:

  • First name(s) and any middle names should be entered in the first name field

  • Last name or surname should be entered in the surname field

Name contains special characters

If your name is made up of special characters such as hyphens or apostrophes, remove them when you enter your name. For example:

  • José becomes Jose

  • Smith Jr. becomes Smith Jr

  • Jean-Paul become Jean Paul

Passport contains full name

If your passport only contains full name, you can enter the name correctly in the first name and last name fields. For example:

  • Ravi S/O Ramasamy becomes First name: Ravi, Last name: SO Ramasamy

  • Tan Bee Leng becomes First name: Bee Leng, Last name: Tan

📝Note: If the details are not correct the passenger may be denied boarding and you may need to buy a new ticket.

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