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Learn how you can set up a customised approval process for your company

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With trip approvals, you can set up a customised approval process which allows you to define who within your company can book travel with or without approval, and when the approval is needed.

You can set up a default approval setting for all your employees. We also allow you to set exceptions for employees who need a different approval process. There are three different settings to choose from:

  • No approval needed: This is our default setting. With this, employees will not require approval before booking their business trips. If you need oversight, you can set up email notifications to notify you when someone makes a booking. We recommend this lightweight process if you don't want any unnecessary roadblocks.

  • Out of policy trips: This offers a moderate level of control. With this, employees will only require approval if they're trying to book a flight or hotel that is out of policy. You need to set up a company travel policy first for this to work effectively.

  • All trips: This offers a strict level of control. With this, employees will need approval for every booking. While this offers tight control, companies need to be mindful of the fact that flight and hotel prices change rapidly. Adding delay for every booking will likely cause the quoted price to increase by the time the trip is approved.

Step 1–Setting up an approval process

Company Owners and Admins can set up trip approvals by following these steps:

  • Click Sign in on the WegoPro homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's WegoPro URL as well).

  • Go to Company settings and select Trip approvals

Choosing a default setting

  • Select the default approval setting for all your employees (No approval needed, Out of policy trips, or All trips)

Adding exceptions to the default setting

Once you've picked a default approval setting, you can add exceptions (if required). Exceptions allow you to choose a different approval workflow for a set of employees.

  • Click on + Add exception

  • Select a different approval setting and add users to those settings

  • Click Save to save your exceptions

Step 2–Setting up approvers

Once you've defined the process, you need to define who should approve these trip requests. Approvers can be set under Groups, and you can create groups and assign approvers as needed. The trip approval request will be forwarded to the approver of their respective group.

Step 3–Setting up Travel Policy

If your trip approval setting requires employees to request approval for out of policy trips, then you need to set up a company travel policy.

✨ That's it! Your approval process is ready. Next, you can learn more about how to request a trip approval or how to approve a trip request.

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