Expense approvals

Learn how you can set up a customised expense approval process for your company

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With expense approvals, you can set up a customised approval process that allows you to define who within your company can submit expense reports with or without approval and when the approval is needed.

By default, approval is required for all employees. But you can customise the setting as per your company's requirement. You can change the default and add also add exceptions for employees who need a different approval process. There are three default settings to choose from:

  • All reports: This is our default setting. Employees will need approval every time they submit an expense report.

  • Out of policy reports: Employees will only require approval if any of the expense in their report is out of policy. You can learn how to set up your expense policy here.

  • No approval needed: Employees will not require approval for their expense reports. Any expense report submitted will be auto-approved.

Step 1–Set up a default approval process.

Company Owners and Admins can set up a default expense approval process by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your WegoPro account and select your company

  • Go to 'Company settings' and select 'Approvals'

  • Under Expense approvals, click 'Show details' and choose a default setting

Note: Setting up a default approval setting will apply to all employees in the company. You can add exceptions for employees who need a different approval setting following the steps below.

Step 2–Adding exceptions.

Once you've picked a default approval setting, you can add exceptions (if required). Exceptions allow you to choose a different approval workflow for a set of employees.

  • Click on '+ Add exception'

  • Select a different approval setting and add users/groups

  • Click Save to save your exceptions

Other things to review:

✅ Approvers

You can assign approvers to each group within your company. We will forward the approval request to the approver of the respective group. You can learn more about how to set up groups here.

🚦Expense policy

If your approval setting requires employees to request approval for out of policy reports, you must set up an expense policy by following these steps.

👩🏽‍💻 Approval review

Suppose you want to give your admins the ability to return/reject an approved report before marking them paid. In that case, you can easily do so by enabling the 'return approved reports' setting.

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