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Learn how you can enable a simple approval review process for your expense reports.

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We have introduced an approval review process for expense reports to mitigate any incident where an expense report has been approved by mistake and now needs to be corrected. Also, there are times when the finance person in your company needs to be the final approver for already approved expense reports.

You can now enable a simple approval review process by following these steps:

Enable approval review for your company account

  • Log in to your WegoPro account

  • Go to Company settings and select Approvals.

  • Under Expense approvals, click on Show details to expand the card.

  • Once expanded, you will see a setting Allow admins to return approved reports

  • Please turn the setting ON (it's disabled by default)

  • Once enabled, admins in your company will be able to reject or return any approved report before marking them paid.

Return an approved report

  • Log in to your WegoPro account

  • Under the Expenses, go to All reports

  • Under Open, you will see any report that has been approved but not marked paid yet.

  • Access the report which needs to be rejected (or returned)

  • Select Return and add an appropriate reason for returning the report.

  • That's it! The expense report will be sent back to the submitter for correction.

  • Once returned, the submitter can now re-submit the expense report with any correction as suggested by the admin

💡 Pro-tip: Setup multiple approvers for expenses to have multiple people approve an expense report before it is marked as approved

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