Mileage tracking

Learn how to set your reimbursable mileage rates and allow your employees to claim mileage expenses.

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Set your reimbursable mileage rates

Company Owners and Admins can set up mileage rates by following these steps:

  • Click Sign in on the WegoPro homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's WegoPro URL as well).

  • Go to Company settings and select Mileage.

  • Enable the Mileage switch

  • Once enabled, you can select your default expense category and units (km or miles) for Mileage related expenses.

  • Once done, you can enter the name and your mileage rate.

You can add a new mileage rate at any time by clicking on Add new and following the steps.

Once mileage tracking is enabled and your rates are set, employees can enter mileage expenses into their expense reports.

Create mileage expenses

If mileage tracking is enabled for your company, you can create a mileage expense by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your WegoPro account and select your company

  • Switch to Expenses tab in the header.

  • Create a new expense report (or open any draft)

  • Click on Add expense

  • Switch to Add mileage in the add new expense modal

  • Select the date, distance, mileage rate and purpose and hit Save

  • That's it. Your mileage expense is saved to your expense report!

💡 Pro tip: You can also create a mileage expense from map by clicking "Add from map" in the Add mileage modal.

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